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Love the popularity of South Korean actress in 2009 with short hair

Short hair design has always been to lead the direction of the trend, Zhang Zi Yan suicide, the situation of the Korean actress more and more attention. Come take a look at Korea this year's favorite hairstyle of four popular actress!

KHS reporters in the KBS drama 'Boys Over Flowers'

At the meeting in the KBS drama 'Boys Over Flowers' reporter found the light and with good benefits, Medium, the VOV. Play 4 like a flower among men like weeds tenaciously adhere to the role of her clothing on the number of some neutral technology. Hair design room to see the president, he said, after her hair cut the mushroom head comparison, short compared to the back and front. Finally, let the front hair slightly to the side of Yi Liao, so you do not look so boring. Do not rinse the smear on the treatment of this product, the hair will go to the face inside a layer of volume, so you do not see the broken hair, and even more clean.

Lee Sau Beijing reporter in "Romantic Ireland" conference

Cut: In order to comply with the character of play sunshine, clear Xiuzhen, therefore, long hair cut to shoulder Qi. Front hair fall naturally.

Styling: thick thick stick hot plasma, in order to make the hair look more fluffy, about hair examination paper blowing. Near the part of the hair, the hair back of the head part is a little out of Alice, and, as far as possible, doing more natural.

Tip: The front of the hair should be finished with a rough thick stick hot plasma, in order next to the hair with a more natural, together with a hair dryer blowing about. In order to create a natural effect last cast of some of the essence, make the hair look smooth and shiny.

3, Eugene reporters conference of "romantic Ireland"

Cut: cut VOV short hair, behind the cut, the more both sides of the hair the longer length of stay. Let the length of the hair can be longer than the jaw line. The hair of the front and both sides of the hair fall naturally to you can.

Styling: To make hair hair parts arranged more neatly with a hair dryer to the whole. The front of the hair can also be blow after coarse thick stick a little to keep some of the waves. Length is not very long hair, usually in the head with a hot roll, so you can increase the fluffy feeling.

Tip: In the hair-drying time, as the hair forward blown while blowing the side spun hair will look more natural and fluffy. If you are to stay a hair curtain, you can not let the hair together, the use of olive oil essence elements can be.

4, Cui strong hope in the SBS Drama Awards

Cut: blocking the neck-length hair, looks somewhat boring. In order to blows this hair do not cut too homogeneous. The hair of the head, face, cut thin, irregular level, then the whole hair is stressed that the multi-layered, choppy you can.

Styling: After you are finished using the shampoo, the hair too dry, roll in the hair a little part of a little volume about, so lets fluffy feeling manifested.

Tip: the irregular short pieces of head shape will make the hair look dry. When there is moisture Shampoo with olive oil essence onto the hair to retain moisture, and then slightly blowing in the tail could be a way to prevent hair dries.

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